the shape of things to come

(Apologies to HG Wells)

I work full-time away from photography in particular, and the visual arts in general.

My work and other non-artistic commitments are ample, which means my artistic output isn't quite what I'd like it to be. But oddly it also means that there's plenty of time for greater rumination of my artistic efforts. Perhaps I'd do that regardless of other commitments, but it seems that at the moment there's enough time for mulling over what drives and inspires my work, and for that I'm grateful. 

[ Ha!  Beethoven's 9th Molto vivace, just started on my random play of music−how wonderful!  But I digress... ]

I've been able to think more about my primary photographic habitat: urban landscapes.  According to a United Nations publication (World Urbanization Prospects: The 2011 Revision), at the turn of the twentieth century 13% of Earth’s human population dwelled in urban areas. By 2010 just over half of the world’s population was urban based—a proportion estimated to increase to about 70% by mid-century.

...more to come!

 Intersection Ueno [  上野 ], Tokyo, Japan 2012

Intersection Ueno [ 上野 ], Tokyo, Japan 2012