tempus fugit

I can barely believe that two months have passed since my last blog entry!

A lot has happened during that time, but I've mostly been hunkered down with preparing forthcoming exhibitions.  I've a few planned for 2014, and can confirm that the first, About time, will be exhibited as part of the Adelaide 2014 Fringe Festival at the Adelaide Arcade. I've loved the Arcade ever since I was a child, and I'm thrilled to be exhibiting inside it's magnificent architecture early next year!

The exhibition comprises six pairs of images which compare some category or 'type'. There are, for example, two small buildings surrounded by vegetation (see below). One is a derelict colonial structure of brick, stone and mortar encompassed by equally derelict woodland. The other is an inhabited Kanak ‘case’ made with saplings, thatch and vine, surrounded by a lush tropical garden and forest.

In May 2014, a newly elected New Caledonian Congress will have the right to call a referendum on independence from the colonial power, France. About time is as much a meditation on permanency and ephemera of things, as it is about their milieu and the inevitability of change. Meanwhile, I've quite some more work to do, and will keep you more up-to-date than my recent effort!