margaret's garden (a digression)

Mother's mobility is quite limited. She spends her days reclined in a chair, only getting up to walk to her bedroom, bathroom, and side-deck. She cannot walk without an aid, and can barely walk 10m. In this regard her life is not dissimilar to my late father's during his last years.

The carpeted room where she reclines for most of her waking hours has a hands-free phone, flat-screen TV, shelves of crime novels and DVDs, framed photographs, and a floor-to-ceiling wall-to-wall view of the garden at the rear of the house. With a shady golden elm, birdbath, lithe young red-gum, fertile lime, and jacaranda, it's more a ‘backyard with plants’ than ‘garden’.

And it's on the Adelaide plains, so other than a few months a year when there's rain enough for a verdant lawn, it looks mostly parched. To save water, some pot-plants are positioned directly outside the window where mother reclines. These are seasonally exchanged to provide points of delight throughout the year.

This year I’ll photograph nine 'points of delight', all available in a limited edition of 50 each. The flowers featured include arum, camellia, crocus, daisy, gardenia, hoya, iris, magnolia, rose and tulip.

Each numbered, signed, mounted and framed (black or white) image will measure 180mm x 180mm and be available for AU$50* each. All can be purchased individually or as a series of nine.

Order enquiries here, or telephone +61 (0)425 095 459, or via Facebook.

 Hoya (Hoya sp) from 'Margaret's Garden' (series)

Hoya (Hoya sp) from 'Margaret's Garden' (series)

I'll return to discuss the series of work mentioned in previous posts soon... 

* excludes packaging and delivery