lights ✓ camera ✓ action ?

For quite some time, I've wanted to broaden my practise to include portraits. I've photographed two subjects over two sessions each, but been dissatisfied with the results. This is no reflection on my models! As the title to this post suggests, I've got the equipment covered (light and camera), but as for the results (action), I've been reluctant to present anything for public scrutiny until now. 

Toward the end of 2013 I explored reshooting a few well-known images of photographers Helmut Newton, Man Ray and Willy Ronis. Their images were of female nudes, whereas I wanted to shoot males. The idea was to examine western notions of beauty and censorship. Unhappy with the results—emulated poses appeared unnatural—I chose to 'shoot from the hip' as it were, and be more inspired by a model and their surrounds.

Konstantin is a 27 year old intensive-care nurse with an impressive stature. He's 188cm tall and weighs 113kg. Apparently he lifts weights! Konstantin has, in fact, been weight training for 10 years. Intelligent, sensitive, a good conversationalist, and easy going—it was a pleasure working with him.

I'm confident that we'll be seeing more of Konstantin in the future!

Thanks for the look-in.

 Konstantin, arms folded 2014

Konstantin, arms folded 2014