last night in hong kong

I’m writing from the Ozone bar atop the ICC building (level 118) in West Kowloon. My very brief visit is close to an end, and I've so few images to show for it.

I attribute this to poor preparation on my behalf, and realise that a little more planning would have gone a long way. I must also admit to feeling inexplicably more guarded this trip compared with those to Japan, for example. I've not felt as adventurous or engaged.

Regrettably, I took a guided tour to Lantau Island a couple of days ago, and it would've been immensely more satisfying if I'd visited Lantau sans guided tour. The (once) fishing village of Tai O was especially rich, and I'd have forsaken Lantau's hill-top Buddha in favour of day or more in Tai O. One lives, and one learns!

It's immediately obvious that Hong Kong and its environs is bestowed with rich offerings for photographers, and I wish I could've spent more time here. Ce'st la vie—shall definitely prepare more for the Loyalty Island trip later this year!

FYI, the image of faux water lilies was taken today at the flower market in Mongkok. Good night Hong Kong. I hope to once again cross your shores!

 Kowloon [ 九龍 ] 'butterfly' goldfish 2013

Kowloon [ 九龍 ] 'butterfly' goldfish 2013