island life

Last month I revisited the Trobriand Islands of Kitava and Kiriwina to deliver three 9,000 litre rainwater tanks to the Kitavan village of Lalela. Regrettably, the delivery was delayed, but I'm reassured by locals that tanks will be safely delivered, installed and available for communal use, and hope to have some good news later this year.

Last month I received some surprising news that one of my images was shortlisted from approximately 2,000 entries to this year's National Photographic Portrait Prize. Naturally I'm thrilled that it has been considered worthy of this prize, so imagine my delight in discovering today that the same image was also included among finalists for 2016's Emma Hack Art Prize!

The National Portrait Gallery asks finalists not identify their images on social media, and I respect their request. Regular readers will know of my fascination with islands, and I'm happy to hint, at least, that the subject of the image is a friend from an island in the South Pacific! Until it's exhibited in Canberra in mid-March (just before I return to Papua New Guinea), please enjoy these few images from Kitava and Kiriwina. Thank you.