i'm so excited (i just can't hide it...)

Confirmation this week that my fourth solo exhibition will be later this year in August, as part of the South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival < author looks quietly excited! >

In looking for a space to exhibit this year, I approached Paul Atkins from Atkins Technicolour, who mentioned that his photographic processing lab was available! Thanks, Paul! Atkins Technicolour is a wonderful supporter of my work, including the year-long 'fotofind' community art project. South Australia is very fortunate to have the Atkins team at hand!

My exhibition will comprise seven images taken in late 2012 while in transit west from Tokyo. I don't want to give too much away, but the collection extends previous investigations of the scarceness of beauty in urban landscapes to the scarcity of nature. The images will be a stylistic departure from past work, as the subjects have been pushed to varying degrees of abstraction. The exhibition's title 'hikari 505', is taken after the name of a shinkansen (bullet train).

Meantime, I'm heading to Hong Kong over Easter and will be releasing the clue to April's fotofind on Friday 12 April. Have a safe Easter break, one and all! : )