i'm not in love

I promised that this post would be more about my main project this year, but I can't help my procrastination: you see, I'm in love! Also, my computer's video card died a while back and I couldn't afford to have it replaced for a while...but that's almost by-the-by.

Once my computer was fixed, I migrated my entire Aperture image library to Lightroom. That would almost be by-the-by too but not for the fact that in the process, I was inspired to glance over my image library. The images that drew my attention most were those from trips to Papua New Guinea.

I've met some truly inspiring people in PNG, and, looking back over my images, I realise how fond of them and their wondrous island I've become. Very soon I'll return to PNG to visit the Trobriand Islands—specifically Kiriwina and Kitava. I'll spend most of my time on Kitava which is about 6 x 4 km in size, sits 8° south of the equator, and is home to a community rich in a culture of trade, ceremonial dances, expert horticulture, ritual and magic.

I can barely wait to see my Port Moresby friends as I pass through en route to the Trobriands where I'll meet new new friends while visiting somewhere I've only ever read about while at University. In the meantime, and in anticipation of the visual delights I hope to be privilege to, the following image was taken in Mt Hagen last August. I'll return to my major project in my next post. Thanks so much for your patience and perseverance.

 Women from Western Highlands Province, Mt Hagen, Papua New Guinea 2014

Women from Western Highlands Province, Mt Hagen, Papua New Guinea 2014