free set of steak knives!

This Friday evening 2 August Hikari 505 opens, but wait, that’s not all!

The exhibition opens simultaneously in two locations!  And...not only do you get one exhibition opening twice, but also the clue for the last fotofind!  That’s right, the clue to the last fotofind location will be released this Friday! But remember, if you’re not completely satisfied, you also get the first clue for the compressed fotofind project that will coincide with SALA—a new project I announce today!

Infommercial references aside, Hikari 505 does open in two locations—one is a solo exhibition at Atkins Technicolour at 89 Fullarton Road, Kent Town, and the other is part of a group exhibition at the Light Gallery, 138 Richmond Road, Marleston. Both open at 6pm.

This Friday I also release the clue to the location of my last image that's hidden in Adelaide's CBD as part of my year-long fotofind project, and I announce the clue to the first of my compressed five-week long fotofind project that coincides with SALA. Every week for five weeks, I’ll release a clue to the location of a hidden image. The clues won’t be as cryptic as those I used for the year-long project, so hopefully the images will be more easily found!

Please note: I’ll use the third in the three editions of images used in the year-long project, for the five-week long project. That way, there’ll be less incentive for those who've already found images to be involved, and more incentive for new participants!

Good luck, and check here Friday for the clues.