does absence make the heart grow fonder? I

My trip to Japan was simply brilliant!  

I'd only been away for six months, but I quite missed the place. Naturally my perception of and attraction to Japan is biased toward that of a visitor, but time and again I keep hearing the same explanation for its attraction from those who are asked what they like about the place: it's essentially the mutual respect and consideration of others that's so evident in public.

Then there's the service one receives, the food, the history and heritage, and the sophistication at one end of the social and cultural landscape, and complete and utter kitschness at the other!  And extremes are also evident in the natural and architectural landscapes, with tropical beaches, volcanoes and ski-fields, and historic and ultra-modern buildings (the world's second tallest structure opened in 2012).

I visited Tokyo, Matsue, Osaka, Kagoshima, Beppu, Kinosaki, and some other rural towns, but spent most of my time in Kyoto 😊

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