confessions of an exhibitionist

Received confirmation this week that my first exhibition opens 24 May—am pretty chuffed, and frankly a little daunted...but only a little!

I've been looking forward to having a definite date and now that I have it, feel it's a rather large step. I guess it is really, but actually, for now I feel far more excited by it all rather than daunted! Sure, there's some work to be done—measuring the gallery walls, and collaborating with the curator regarding what's finally hung, for example. Because so few of my images receive substantial post-production most of the work has really been done. I've finalised an invitation list too, though still need to make some decisions about framing. Meanwhile I've got the printing to look forward to, and seeing them hung on the wall.

Between full-time work and a fortnight's break in Japan, I'm sure to get frazzled at some stage about something to do with the exhibition—but wouldn't have it any other way!