It's been stewing long enough now—which images, ideas, text and promotional material will comprise the next exhibition, Hikari 505. I've almost completed all necessary work, so naturally I'm quite excited about seeing the final printed images and hanging them! The opening will be on Friday 2 August 2013 at Atkins Technicolour, so it's still a while away, which gives me plenty of room for error whether that be in final printing, framing or production of promotional material. It feels good not to rush this...

I'm also reasonably satisfied with my artist's statement for the series.  Here's an exerpt:

hikari 505 extends my previous studies of the scarcity of beauty in urban landscapes, to nature. These new images appear at varying degrees of abstraction, and comprise a stylistic departure from past work. At first, nature appears abruptly, albeit transformed, then transitions before dissolving and disappearing into vaguely urban mises en scène.  The process is in flux but the destination is clear―nature becomes increasingly incidental, and ipso facto provisional, as we race headlong toward urbanisation. The series illustrates nature’s continued erosion and suggests our indifference toward it.

The series will ultimately comprise seven images. Thanks for reading.