a book by its cover

I recently returned from a brief four days in Papua New Guinea's (PNG) capital, Port Moresby.

The country in general and capital in particular, have a reputation as violent places. During my visit, however, I didn't see any violence, even while venturing a number of times by foot—against advice from local friends—into the city at night. Indeed, everyone I met, including strangers, was warm and engaging, and I'm very much looking forward to returning there in the not-too-distant future!

The main reason for visiting was to attend and document a march in support of West Papua, and witness the first official raising of West Papua's 'Morning Star' flag in PNG. The march went ahead despite police attempting to halt it. Apparently against the wishes of the Prime Minister of PNG, Hon Peter O'Neill, the Morning Star flag was raised at Port Moresby City Hall by the Governor of the National Capital District, Hon Powes Parkop.

It was a deeply moving and much celebrated event, marred by the on-site arrest of three organisers of the day's events, Mr Fred Mambrasar, Mr Tony Fofoe, and Mr Patrick Kaiku (later released without convictions). The day concluded with one of the best concerts I've attended—with such a joyous vibe and an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary musical genres, including a cover of one of my favourite songs, Bob Marley's Get Up, Stand Up!

I hope to exhibit the images I recorded sometime next year, but there's much work to be done to arrange that. Meanwhile, here are a few other images I captured while there. You're very welcome to leave a comment below...