water and electricity don't mix

An update of the Kitava project which, until now, was proposed as requiring:

  • 3 x GoalZero Yeti 400 generators
  • 3 x Goal Zero Nomad 100 foldable solar panels

These would've cost $4,795 and, until yesterday, I was of the firm impression that their transportation costs from Adelaide to Port Moresby would be in the order of $800. Yesterday I was advised by Qantas that the costs were an unavoidable $1,700! This is prohibitively expensive and has forced me to significantly reconsider the project.

Instead of the original items noted above, tomorrow I'll purchase smaller solar charging units—three if possible, depending on supply. But regardless of how many are purchased, I've decided to use all remaining funds to buy additional rainwater tanks for Kitava. To date, I've raised $3,320 of the initial $4,000 sought for this project, and I'll provide an additional $1,495 of my own funds.

Meanwhile I'll begin researching and planning how best to approach the original project from a different angle. This might include establishing a non-profit organisation specifically for assisting the Kitavan community, or seeking auspicing services through an established non-government organisation. Whichever eventuates, I want all future donations to be tax-deductible for all donors.

Speaking of whom, I wish to give my heartfelt thanks to Roof Rack City Adelaide, Goal Zero Australia, Rebecca, Jennifer, Jono and Lavinia, Nori and Damian, Sue and Bruce, Christine, Lise, Adam, Jane and Simon, Ruth, Peter, Mel and Jay, Margaret, Peter and Cat, Maria, Tobias, Mel and Gary, Michelle and Pat, Greg and Jonathon, Luke, Sandra and Peter, Lesley and Neil, Nick and Michelle, Carol-Anne, Sam and Eugene, Andrew, and Richard, for their exceptional generosity and trust in me. If, however, given the changes outlined above, you'd prefer that I reimburse your donation, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'll happily and quite understandably oblige you.

I apologise for not achieving the original outcomes, but as one major donor said to me, they'd rather their money spent on rainwater tanks than transportation. I'm so very grateful for your collective and individual support for the people of Kitava who will directly benefit from every cent that's been raised. I travel to PNG this Saturday, and to Kitava a fortnight from then. Thank you.

 Children, Okoburura village, Kitava, Nov 2015

Children, Okoburura village, Kitava, Nov 2015